Financial hardship policy

Any person who owes money to DSH Insurance, and is in financial distress and unable to meet their obligations, can apply for Financial Hardship assistance through DSH Insurance. This includes policyholders and third parties who have a debt with DSH Insurance. We are here to help you.
Contact us:  email us at or alternatively call us on 1300 552 662

How we can support you

DSH Insurance will work with the policyholder/individual to implement an arrangement that will be fair, but flexible, in achieving the best possible outcome. Below are some examples of how we can help. In certain circumstances we may agree to:


  • Weekly/fortnightly or quarterly payments through Australia Post, BPAY, Phone or online to allow the premium to be spread over a 12 month period.
  • A payment extension to the due date of the annual premium.


  • Delaying the date on which the excess must be paid.
  • Allowing the excess to be paid in instalments.
  • Agree a reduced lump sum amount.
  • Deducting the excess from the claim amount we pay you.

Third Parties:

  • Instalment payments through our debt collection agent.
  • A reduced lump sum as full payment of the debt.
  • Give an extension on the due date of the debt.
  • Putting the recovery on hold.

These are examples, our assistance is not limited to these. Individual circumstances will be considered.

Natural disaster and fast tracking of urgent claims

Where the claimable event (for example a natural disaster) that caused the policyholder to make a claim under their policy, also caused them to be in urgent financial need of the benefits they are entitled to under that policy, then DSH Insurance will do either or both of the following:

  • Fast-track assessment of the claim and the process followed to make a decision about the claim.
  • Pay an advance amount to help ease urgent financial need – we do this within five (5) Business days after the policyholder demonstrates urgent financial need. 

We encourage you to contact us to discuss your specific situation. We can tailor a solution specific to your needs. Email us at, alternatively call us on 1300 552 662. Please click here to know more about full financial hardship policy (PDF 750 KB) or access our financial hardship application form (PDF 3.9 MB).

Access to other information and support

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