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What to do if you have a claim

  • Take all reasonable precautions to prevent further loss, damage or liability.
  • Notify the police immediately if any of your property is lost, stolen or vandalised.
  • Contact DSH Insurance as soon as possible for advice on the process and the next steps to take. We may ask you to complete a claim form.
  • Give us the information we ask for to support your claim.
  • Provide any assistance we request.
  • If the claim is for contents items, you may need proof of ownership.
  • Provide any communication from a third party or their representative if they are making a claim against you or any legal documents that relate to the incident.

What not to do if you have a claim

  • Do not admit fault.
  • Do not offer to pay anything.
  • Except for emergency repairs (refer to your policy or ring DSH Insurance), do not commence any repairs before contacting us and receiving approval.
  • Do not delay in contacting us to advise of a claim.

Claims FAQs

You can contact us via any of the following:

We will contact you to provide your claim number and progress your claim. Remember, if its an emergency, call us on 1300 552 662.

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