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Our home building insurance

Our comprehensive home building insurance covers your home (or your rental property) as well as building and structural improvements such as garages, domestic outbuildings, pergolas, fences, swimming pools, concrete paths and paving.

Our cover includes:

  • flood
  • accidental damage (up to $5,000)
  • storm damage to fences
  • fusion of electric motors that are part of your home, regardless of age of the motor
  • a tailored claims process supported by a broad network of loss adjusters and contractors to assist you, and
  • temporary accommodation should your home become unfit to live in.

Why insure your home with us?

  • We understand the uniqueness of your lifestyle (including postings and redeployments).
  • We provide a service that sets itself apart from other insurers.
  • We insure anywhere in Australia.
  • We reduce the risk of underinsurance (not having adequate insurance to cover the cost of loss or damage) by estimating the replacement cost of your home.
  • Our premiums are competitive.
  • No excess (other than for earthquake damage and some accidental damage).
  • Flexible payment options (annually or monthly at no extra cost).
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Building Cost Calculator

*Calculate adequacy of your sum insured available through our independent insurance partner Core Logic.

Home Building Insurance FAQs

Are you insured for the right amount?

We reduce the risk of underinsurance (not having adequate insurance to cover the cost of loss or damage) by estimating the replacement cost of your home.

Building cost calculator

Product Disclosure Statement

Before you decide on which level of Home Building Insurance cover is right for you, we recommend that you read the Product Disclosure Statement (PDS). In the PDS, you will learn everything you need to know about what's covered and what’s not


Home Building Insurance PDS (PDF 732 KB)

(Effective from 1 September 2020)

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