Why Choose Us

  • Established in 1919 we have more than 100 years’ experience delivering home building insurance to current and former Australian Defence Force (ADF) members, and 30+ years’ experience providing ADF members, veterans and the broader Defence community with access to other insurance products including contents insurance. Find out more about us.
  • We understand the lifestyle and needs of current and former ADF members, veterans and their families, including the experience of deployments and relocations to geographical locations that are not always of an ADF member’s choice, but are a part of their service requirement. This understanding underpins our service and product offering.
  • We offer a range of insurance products including contents, car, vehicle and landlord insurance to current and former members of the ADF (including reservists and peacekeepers) and widows / widowers of those ADF members.
  • We make insurance easy to understand and the policyholder journey and claims process simple. Our team takes pride in providing a high quality, personalised service and are ready to talk through our products and services with you. It is a straightforward process to apply for our home building insurance. You can immediately take out cover over the phone after satisfactorily responding to some simple questions.
  • We offer flexible payment options at no extra cost.
  • We have a national network of builders, suppliers and loss adjusters and our dedicated case managers make sure you receive the settlement you’re entitled to in the event of a claim.
  • We are well-regarded by our policyholders with more than 90% of our policyholders renewing their insurance with us each year.
  • We are able to put you in touch with other Veteran programs and services.

AnchorOur Products

Home building insurance

Defence Service Homes (DSH) Insurance provides home building insurance to eligible current and former members of the ADF, veterans and their widows / widowers.

Our home building insurance policy is a defined events policy (for example fire, water escape and storm) which also includes cover for accidental damage, fusion of motors and legal liability, and no excess on claims (except some claims relating to accidental damage and earthquake cover). This will help you get your home back to pre‑damage condition if you need to make a claim.

We work closely with you to calculate your sum insured to ensure you have sufficient coverage. We can provide temporary accommodation if you need to rebuild your home and in certain situations, while repairs are being undertaken. We provide a tailored claims experience and support you through the process if you have a home building claim.

Our home building insurance policy also provides limited cover for landlords including loss of rent and landlord’s fixtures and fittings damaged as a result of a defined event. 

Other insurance products

DSH Insurance also provides access to a range of other insurance products including contents, landlord and car insurance as well as caravan, and motorcycle insurance making it easy and convenient for you to get insurance that suits your needs. These other insurance products are underwritten by QBE Insurance (Australia) Limited (QBE). With DSH Insurance acting as an agent for QBE, if you need to lodge a claim we can do this for you, making the claims process simple.