Subsidised loans can be made available to applicants who meet certain entitlement conditions. Once these conditions are met, a certificate of entitlement can be issued, the document recognised by Westpac as authority for a subsidised advance to be considered.

A certificate of entitlement doesn’t guarantee that a subsidised loan will be made available. Applicants also have to meet the bank’s lending criteria, and a loan may be denied if you don’t meet standard income, commitments or deposit and equity requirements.

A certificate of entitlement is only issued to applicants who intend to live in the home, and to those applicants who don’t (or whose spouse or de facto doesn’t) already own another home (see Ownership of Another Home for more information). Ownership of another home by a spouse or de facto may be acceptable if the applicant and spouse or de facto are permanently separated.

Certificates of entitlement are issued for: