Wild weather affect – remain alert of disaster chasers

Tornadoes and heavy rain ripped through Queensland and regional New South Wales damaging vehicles, homes and business. Freak hail storms swept across South Australia, bringing flash flooding, destructive winds, and blackouts to large parts of both South Australia and Victoria.  Post-event analysis reveals that this event affected all states of Australia (except Western Australia) and ended on 16th October 2021. There have been over 400 claims lodged for this weather event alone. 

DSH Insurance received claims for, hail, storm and rainwater related damage within the first few hours of the event. Our assessors, builders, and other service providers mobilised in the days following the events and remain here to support our affected policyholders. Providing emergency support to vulnerable policyholders in need of assistance was our priority in the immediate aftermath of the storms. 

As recovery continues, please remain alert to ‘disaster chasers’ offering assistance to customers who are not DSH Insurance recommended suppliers. They may door knock neighbourhoods, claiming to have identified damage at your property, or in some very bold cases, they may claim that they are here at the behest of DSH Insurance – please cross check with us once. 

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