La Niña weather event declared for Australian Summer

Bureau of Meteorology’s (BoM) has declared a La Niña weather event, with much of Australia’s east and north facing a cool, damp and stormy summer 1.
BoM has tipped wetter than average summer time conditions with widespread and prolonged flooding across much of the country, even in areas that have previously been dry, with homes, businesses and farms all at risk of damage. The first rains of the northern wet season have arrived earlier than typical too, with December rainfall forecast to be above median for most of Australia, meaning that the window of opportunity to prepare for an increase in heavy downpours is shorter than it typically would be 2.

While Bureau climatologists will continue to closely monitor, it is important communities make sure they are storm ready. The more you can do now to prepare, the less likely you’ll end up needing emergency assistance when these weather events hit. To assist you, DSH Insurance has developed Natural Disasters – Homeowners Information Pack  which includes a Household Evacuation kit (PDF 225 KB) , and useful links (PDF 170 KB) for emergency situations.

Is your home ready for a cyclone, flood or bushfire? 

There are simple things that you can do around your home to prepare it for an extreme weather event - as simple as testing your smoke detectors, mowing your grass and cleaning your gutters.

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