Staying at home? Home Contents Insurance - Accidental Damage Option is for you

Imagine the following scenarios, while taking in the morning news, you spill your coffee on your new lounge and you can’t clean it; or maybe while running around the house your kids knock the TV off the stand onto the floor causing it to break.

No matter how careful we are, accidents can still happen around the home. 

‘DSH Insurance – Home Contents – Accidental damage extension is an optional cover that protects you against those unexpected mishaps in your home like red wine spills or children's toys damaging your TV screen(s),’ says George Pipertzis, Assistant Director Underwriting at DSH Insurance.
‘Our Accidental damage extension cover might be useful for people working from home especially during lockdowns with kids home-schooling as this increases the risks of accidental damage to your home contents’, says George.

How is the Accidental damage extension option different to Contents Insurance?

‘A typical home contents insurance policy may not cover damage caused by you or your family to contents contained inside your home. However, by purchasing the Accidental damage extension option, you will receive additional cover for damage to contents inside your home that is accidentally damaged by your family or your guests.’ says George.

How can you arrange Accidental damage extension cover?

If you already have home and or contents insurance with DSH Insurance, then you simply need to contact us and request purchasing Accidental Damage extension cover.

What Accidental damage extension option doesn’t cover?

Accidental damage extension generally does not cover damage to sporting equipment, watercraft, model aircraft, drones or ride on equipment. It also does not include small screens such as IPad inside home. Accidental damage extension also does not cover loss or damage for portable contents outside the home, if you require cover please contact us to consider the Valuables option.
For a full listing of what is covered and excluded under the Accidental damage extension option and to decide if this Accidental damage extension option is right for you please carefully read the Product Disclosure Statement (PDF 1.85 MB).

Got questions for George? Email at or call us on 1300 552 662.