Relocating? Here’s what you need to know about your Insurance

It’s that time of the year when many Defence families are on the move, which means additional tasks to fit into an already busy time of the year.

Have you added home building and contents insurance in your ‘to-do’ list? Did you know your insurance premium may increase or decrease as a result of the move? 

If you’re relocating to a bushfire, cyclone or flood prone areas then be aware of insurance embargos that can potentially restrict you from insuring your new home  in these areas that possess higher risk than normal - putting your home and valuables at risk.  

How can I avoid insurance embargo?

  • Buy your home and contents insurance in advance of a natural disaster season wherever possible.
  • Avoid your insurance policies lapsing by renewing before they expire.

The length of time an area is under embargo varies – some areas may be embargoed for 24 hrs, while others may be embargoed as long as the threat remains.

If an embargo is in place in your area, DSH Insurance will  advise of this when you are making your application and offer to contact you when the embargo has been lifted to progress your application for cover.

Check out our Insurance Embargo FAQ’s for more information