Embracing the Nomadic Life: Caravanning captivates travel enthusiasts across Australia

In the last few years, the caravanning lifestyle has hit the roof in popularity across the Australian landscape. This nomadic way of life has not only captured the interest of retirees, but also young couples and families alike. The drawn appeal of exploring Australia's roadway networks and living simply creates not only thrilling travel opportunities but also fosters a deep connection with the wondrous marvels that Australia offers. 

Julia Smith, an avid DSH Insurance policyholder, credits the pandemic for catalysing this growing trend of domestic road travel by luring those seeking adventure and wary of international travel.

‘Most Australians would be happy to travel within our country rather than take the risk of getting on a cruise liner or an overseas flight,’ says Julia. 

Caravanning has given both older and younger generations a chance to pause, disconnect from household chores and experience minimalism first-hand. The simplicity it offers in not having to worry about constantly packing up motels and individual’s desire for freedom suits a healthy nomadic-style communal life. 

The caravan lifestyle is all about embracing the adventure. While sitting by a campfire under an unobstructed night sky absent of city lights, Julia sums up the snug and immersive vibe:

‘It's about adventure and exploration. You sit back in your chair and look at that wonderful light show that happens at night time where there's no artificial light. You're missing out in life if you don’t experience that.’ 

However, choosing the caravan lifestyle is an undertaking that requires careful consideration and deep conversation. Julia states that the most important element of this lifestyle is that each participant relishes it willingly, otherwise, it will lead to trouble in the long run. Julia approached the conversation with her husband as a bit of a long shot.

‘We both love travelling, but this was an entirely different on our relationship. It turns out what we both love about each other made the decision easy, travelling like nomads, our first love.’

‘Neither of us had been “glass half empty”, despite pandemic restrictions. “Let’s do it” came much faster than expected and planning had begun. Fast-forward six months and the day had finally come, we crammed everything we felt we couldn’t live without into our brand new caravan,’ says Julia.

Julia recounts getting her brand new caravan insured for such nascent journeys on the road, while also being arduous yet patient when building this new chapter with her significant other. 

‘Just before we purchased the caravan, an advertisement popped up on my screen about caravan insurance exclusive for veterans. We actually had not thought about caravan insurance! We called DSH Insurance, understood the requirements, compared the prices, and found them to be competitive and in our budget. They were also way more flexible and had superior customer service.’

The decision to travel like nomads involves a bit of an investment but is worth every penny for those seeking to be captivated by Australia's breathtaking outdoors and laidback lifestyle. However, the biggest question was still lingering on the back of Julia’s mind.

‘Can a couple really live in a caravan together and not only survive but enjoy and grow our relationship during this new chapter?’

‘With some practiced listening and a lot of patience, we have actually come to see challenges as just part of this lifestyle and it has made our relationship stronger.’

‘We also did a lot of reversing practice as that was a cause of contention,’ says Julia

Living and travelling in a caravan is one thing Julia can cross off the bucket list. Buying a caravan is a lifestyle choice that has the power to transform the mundane into something fascinating - embracing this novel lifestyle has made them aware of the many possibilities.

From fast-paced highways to exploring slow-paced regional towns – whatever may be your journey; DSH Insurance’s caravan insurance will keep you going. Click here to find out caravan insurance benefits with DSH Insurance!

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