DSH Insurance – supporting you when it matters the most

What a year 2020 has been so far – the world watched in sympathy as Australia came to terms with the ravages of the worst bushfires on record, then the floods which resulted in significant damage to homes in Queensland and now, Coronavirus in transforming social norms the world over. Whilst much has disrupted our everyday lives lately, one thing has held true - DSH Insurance is here for our policyholders and this is our number one commitment.

Safeguarding what’s valuable to you

During the bushfire crisis, DSH Insurance had over 5,000 policyholders with properties at risk in exposure zones, spanning the east coast of New South Wales (NSW), the Alpine region and eastern Victoria (VIC) and other significant areas of risk in South Australia (SA) and Western Australia (WA).  We received a significant increase in call volume from our policyholders across these regions regarding not just claims but also questions and concerns around policies being up-to-date.

We supported our policyholders by ensuring a dedicated team was at hand to ensure information was provided promptly and claims lodged swiftly. We also implemented processes to enable our teams to assess losses in short timeframes, thereby allowing work to promptly commence on repairable claims. Every policyholder lodging a claim was also offered counselling through Open Arms.

A 100-year history of stepping up in times of crisis

DSH Insurance has a 100-year history of stepping up in times of crisis. We were there for you during the bushfire crisis earlier in the year, helping those living in communities that were directly impacted, and we were there for you during the many storms across the country over the summer period. Right now, we’re mobilising our resources to help see our policyholders through the pandemic. We have put in place arrangements to ensure the health and safety of our policyholders, staff, loss adjusters and building contractors and our team continues to work at full strength, focused on providing policyholders with prompt responses to queries and claims.

Eligibility expansion broadens access for our home building insurance

From 1 January 2020, DSH Insurance expanded its eligibility requirements to include all current and former members of the Australian Defence Force with at least one day of service. This change has created opportunities for over 300,000 additional Australian Defence Force members and veterans, including reservists, peacekeepers and widows/ widowers to access our home building insurance. DSH Insurance can also provide access to a range of other insurance products including contents, landlord and car insurance.

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