BOM declares a rare third consecutive La Niña

Australians have been warned to brace for a wetter summer this year, as Bureau of Metrology (BOM) declare a rare third consecutive La Niña weather event. While Bureau climatologists will continue to closely monitor, it is important communities make sure they are storm ready. 

A range of general maintenance tasks can be carried out to reduce the risk from extreme weather event, which include:

  • Cleaning gutters, downpipes and drains
  • Inspecting your roofs for missing, lose or damaged tiles and leaks
  • Cutting back trees and shrubs
  • Checking the condition of external walls and cladding and sealing any gaps
  • Cleaning up leaves and twigs around the property 
  • Prepare an emergency kit that includes emergency items such as torch, batteries, mobile charger and a first aid kit. 

To assist you, DSH Insurance has developed Natural Disasters – Homeowners Information Pack  which includes a Household Evacuation kit (PDF 225 KB) , and useful links (PDF 170 KB) for emergency situations. 

Any repairs or renovations done in and around your home should only be performed by qualified tradespeople to ensure work is undertaken properly and, where applicable, to the required standards. Lack of maintenance and work undertaken by non-qualified tradespeople may not only contribute to more damage to your home but can also result in a reduced claim payout or even rejection of your claim. It’s essential to understand that each claim on a home building insurance policy is assessed on a case-by-case basis, and a claim may be refused if you have failed to take reasonable care to protect and maintain your home and property.

Your DSH Insurance home building policy is designed to be comprehensive, ensuring the defence and veteran community have adequate cover when they need it the most. Your DSH Insurance policy is a legislated product and covers you for loss or damage to your home caused by flood event. Unfortunately, this cover cannot be removed. 

Remember, no matter how well prepared you are, you can never be fully certain of what nature has in store. If you are affected, claiming with DSH Insurance is simple – click here to claim online. You can also call 1300 552 662 or email: