Beware of disaster chasers

Disaster chasers are only too happy to take advantage of vulnerable, stressed-out residents. They may door-knock neighbourhoods, claiming to have identified damage at your property, or in some very bold cases, they may claim that they are here at the behest of DSH Insurance or another insurance agency.

Such scammers usually offer services and request payment upfront in cash, but leave with work that is either poorly done, not completed or is exorbitantly expensive.

‘Disaster chasers are a menace and are becoming bolder,’ says DSH Insurance’s National Manager, Leona Hardman. ‘They try to exploit householders within hours of a weather event, seeking to either convince them to sign a contract or get work with a promise that their insurer will pay them later.

‘This can leave the homeowner liable to pay inflated repair bills not covered by their insurance policy, as we only pay for the work done by licensed builders and suppliers recommended by us.’

DSH Insurance policyholders can lodge a claim directly online or by calling 1300 552 662.