Australia put on a La Niña watch – Are you prepared?

Last year, the Bureau of Meteorology declared that a La Niña event had developed in the Pacific Ocean, which would bring more rainfall across much of Australia through spring, and more tropical cyclones in the country’s north. While a La Niña usually lasts for between 9 and 12 months, the previous one lasted longer (2010–2012), bringing with it the wettest two years on record.

Climate models indicate the La Niña is likely to persist until at least the early part of 2021, bringing heavy rain, high winds and hail, causing potential damage to homes, affecting families and finances.
To assist you, DSH Insurance has developed Natural Disasters – Homeowners Information Pack which includes a Household Evacuation kit (PDF 226 KB), and useful links (PDF 171 KB) for emergency situations.

Maintaining your property is your first line of defence against extreme weather conditions. Now is the time to take care of the gutter clearing and yard tidying that you've been putting off.

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