Contents insurance for Australia’s defence and veteran families

Relocation can be an emotional move for many of our defence and veteran families especially to those serving in the ADF who often have to move from posting to posting.

Defence spouse Michelle shares her experience who has moved eight times in the last 20 years with her husband and two daughters. The family holds a policy with Defence Service Homes (DSH) Insurance, which her Vietnam veteran father-in-law recommended to her. She finds the premiums competitive and loves the fact that the policy covers your contents while you’re moving from one home to another. It also covers both homes for 60 days. For a Defence family constantly on the move, that is a huge plus.

Australian Defence Force, veterans and veteran communities can obtain all-inclusive contents insurance through DSH

Click here to update your new address online within 60 days to agree to insure at your new address. One of our team members will call you back to organise everything for you.

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