Transfer of ownership

Please note that the Defence Service Homes Lending scheme has been superseded by the Defence Home Ownership Assistance Scheme. Unless you served in the defence forces prior to 15 May 1985 (or in Namibia) this information may not be relevant to you. More information is available on the Defence Home Ownership Assistance Scheme website.

Both Defence Service Homes and Westpac must consent to transfer of ownership of a home while the subsidised loan is current. The home may be transferred to an eligible person only, or the eligible person and their spouse - you can contact Defence Service Homes if you are unsure of your eligibility.

Where tenants-in-common ownership is proposed, the value of the shareholding of the eligible person must exceed the limit of the Defence Service Homes loan at the time of transfer.

If the home is to be transferred to an ineligible person, the subsidised loan must be discharged or renegotiated with the bank at the time of transfer. No approval needs to be sought from Defence Service Homes.

Check our Guide to applying for Transfer of Ownership for more details.

Obtain a Transfer of Ownership Application.