Other assistance

Please note that the Defence Service Homes Lending scheme has been superseded by the Defence Home Ownership Assistance Scheme. Unless you served in the defence forces prior to 15 May 1985 (or in Namibia) this information may not be relevant to you. More information is available on the Defence Home Ownership Assistance Scheme website.

Advances for essential repairs and instalment relief

If you are an eligible person, have a current Defence Service Homes loan and satisfy specified Hardship Guidelines, we may be able to provide special assistance in certain circumstances. This could include assistance to:

  • carry out essential repairs to your home; or
  • reduce Defence Service Homes loan repayments.

Widow and widower advance

Widows and widowers of eligible persons can also apply for assistance to pay:

  • land and water rates, other Government charges on your property;
  • home unit maintenance levy; and
  • home insurance premiums.

Interest rates charged on loans for the above purposes are capped at 3.75 per cent a year for widows and widowers, and at 6.85 per cent a year for other borrowers.

Obtain an Application for Widow/widower Advance; Essential Repair Advance; Instalment Relief.

Our guides will assist you in completing the form:

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