Additional loans

Please note that the Defence Service Homes Lending scheme has been superseded by the Defence Home Ownership Assistance Scheme. Unless you served in the defence forces prior to 15 May 1985 (or in Namibia) this information may not be relevant to you. More information is available on the Defence Home Ownership Assistance Scheme website.

If you have a current Defence Service Homes loan but you haven't borrowed the maximum $25 000, you can apply to borrow the difference.

Perhaps you'd like to enlarge, modify or repair your house, unit or retirement village accommodation. Remember to consider whether the cost of work justifies your costs in raising the loan. Funds are also available to refinance an existing mortgage, charge or encumbrance over your property. You can even fund the cost of road making to your property.

If you are not or will not be the registered proprietor of the property (for example, a retirement village unit or granny flat) please note the information below about also applying for a Certificate of Assignment in addition to a Certificate of Entitlement.

View Assignment information page.

Check our Guide to applying for an Additional Advances for more details.