Make a payment

Welcome to the Defence Service Homes Insurance Scheme (DSHI) Online Payment Option.

To pay all your DSHI insurances (except Travel and CTP), we invite you to use this facility as a safe, eficient and reliable method of payment. The details you provide are treated with strict confidence and your privacy is protected. The DSHI Online Payment Option accepts VISA and Mastercard via a secure facility.

Please read through these brief instructions before you move on to the DSHI Online Payment facility. If at any time during the payment process you are unsure or wish to stop, simply press the CANCEL button. This will automatically take you back to the DSH Insurance Main Page.

We suggest you have ready, your DSHI Notice, your credit card and a pen for noting the receipt number. Each notice will need to be paid separately. Once the first payment is successful you will be given an option to MAKE ANOTHER PAYMENT.

There are three steps (three pages) associated with the successful completion of a payment. You will see,

Step 1 - Enter Payment Details

Details relating to your policy, credit card and payment amount are required. Complete the page and press NEXT to go to:

Step 2 - Confirm Payment Details

You will be asked to check the details you have provided to confirm the payment transaction. If satisfied, press the MAKE PAYMENT button to authorise your payment.

Step 3 - Payment Receipt

One of two pages will appear:

  • If the payment has been successful, the page will indicate this and give you the option to print a receipt. To end press FINISH. To make another payment, press MAKE ANOTHER PAYMENT which will take you back to Step 1.
  • If the payment is unsuccessful, the page will indicate this and also provide the reason why (i.e. insufficient funds, cancelled card, etc.). In this case contact your bank for assistance. An alternative is to ring 1300 552 662 for a DSHI representative.