DSH Home contents insurance

12 months cover for the price of 11*


What is covered

  • all household goods (including carpets whether fixed or not), personal effects, cash, coins and negotiables
  • articles of special value which you have listed on the Policy Schedule under ‘Contents specified items’,
  • if you live in a strata title building, the internal paintwork, wallpaper and any fixture or structural improvement within or attached to that residence which the Body Corporate is not required by law to insure,
  • if you are a tenant, landlord’s fixtures and fittings for which you are legally liable and fixtures and fittings installed by you for your own use,
  • motorised wheelchairs or any of the following equipment if it does not require registration:
    • golf buggies,
    • motorcycles up to 125cc engine capacity,
    • garden equipment.
  • canoes, kayaks, surfboards, surfskis or sailboards, and any other watercraft up to:
    • four (4) metres (which is approximately thirteen (13) feet) in length, and
    • ten (10) horsepower.
  • furniture and equipment of an office or surgery used by you or your family in your own business in the home and tools and equipment used for earning income by you or your family.

What’s not covered

  • fish, birds or animals of any description,
  • trees, shrubs and any other plant life including grass or lawns (other than pot plants),
  • any caravan or trailer,
  • motorised vehicles other than those listed in point (e) under the heading ‘What contents means’,
  • watercraft other than those listed in point (f) under the heading ‘What contents means’,
  • aircraft or their accessories (other than a non-pilotable model aircraft),
  • accessories or spare parts, keys or remote locking alarm devices of motor vehicles, (including motorcycles or motorscooters) caravans, trailers, aircraft or watercraft while they are in or on the motor vehicle, caravan, trailer, aircraft or watercraft,
  • photographic and video equipment and musical instruments or musical equipment used for earning any income,
  • any property:
    • illegally in your possession,
    • stored in a dangerous and illegal way, or
    • any equipment connected with growing or creating any illegal substance.
  • commercial or retail trade stock other than business stock temporarily stored inside the home for a maximum period of thirty (30) days,
  • your home or any part of your home.
12 months content cover for the price of 11
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  • New for old replacement – regardless of age
  • Accidental damage extension option
  • No excess other than the standard excess for earthquakes, and the accidental damage option
  • An automatic adjustment of 0.5% a month for inflation
  • If you are moving into a new home within Australia, we will insure your contents at both sites for a maximum of sixty(60) days.
  • Discounts – for retirees, over 50s, loyalty and no claims
  • World-wide personal liability – for claims for death, injury to others or damage to property
  • Special valuables cover is also available to protect valuable personal belongings anywhere in Australia or New Zealand, and up to 60 days worldwide.

Do you need help calculating how much cover you need?

QBE’s contents insurance calculator estimates the cost of replacing your belongings. This is the amount you need to insure your contents for (known as your ‘sum insured’).

The estimate will reflect the value of your belongings, including higher risk items such as jewellery, electronics and gadgets. Our contents insurance includes new-for-old replacement on most items.

What other policies can I get?

What other policies can I get?

*Offer applies to new policies only

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